The Daily for iPad to launch on 2 Feb

iTunes subscriptions to debut as well?

Apple and News Corp. have announced a press conference on 2 February to launch The Daily, the media conglomerate's long-awaited iPad-only newspaper.

The weekly paper is set to launch for 99c per issue, which should translate to a 79p UK price tag.

The Daily's launch is expected to coincide with that of Apple's new iTunes subscription service, which explains the joint press conference.

Subscription controversy

It's Apple's iTunes subscription service that is believed to have caused The Daily's delays.

Whispers of dissent have been heard from publishers who are unhappy with Apple's vice-like control of user data and greedy 30 per cent cut of subscription sales.

With rumours of Google looking to launch a competing Android newsstand, we could see a digital publishing format battle about to commence.

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