iPad, iPhone, Kindle, DS, PSP size comparison

How does the iPad stack up size-wise against its rivals?

With its 9.7" screen, the Apple iPad is looking promising for viewing photos and video, browsing the web and gaming.

But how does it stack up in size against other devices that you might use for similar things?

Our colleagues on GamesRadar.com have fired up Photoshop to provide a comparison of the iTablet against the Kindle DX, the iPhone, the PSP, the PSP Go, the DSi and the DSi XL.

iPad size comparison

STACKED: Chuck the devices on top of one another and the iPhone is looking tiny

iPad size comparison chart

SCREEN SIZE: When comparing by screen size, the iPad comes out top

For a massive mocked-up side-by-side comparison, head over to GamesRadar.


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