Acer readying Sandy Bridge Android tablets

And phasing out netbooks

Intel's Sandy Bridge CPU is set to hit the tablet world in the form of two, possibly three, Acer tablets due to launch in the first half of this year.

Opting for Intel's latest Sandy Bridge processors is an unusual move away from the ARM-based processors that are generally found in Android devices, but fits with Intel's dedication to making it in the tablet market.

Acer's new tablets will run on the Android OS, but it's not clear yet whether they'll ship with the tablet-centric Android 3.0 which was revealed earlier this year.

Sandy Android

The slates will be available in sizes from 7-inches to 10-inches, with Taiwan sales manager Lu Bing-hsian saying that the tablets are "aimed at phasing out netbooks".

Lu told Computerworld that the tablets will run faster than laptops with Windows operating systems and use a four-core processor.

Despite Acer's hopes the tablets will adequately replace its netbook products, the company is set to continue making low-cost notebooks for traditionalists.

No official word on a UK release date, but the tablets are slated to hit the shelves before the summer is out.

Via SlashGear and Computerworld



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