iPhone 8 cases suggest all-screen rumors are correct

The whispers of a near-all screen iPhone 8 design are turning into a roar, and now there’s even more evidence as a case maker has opened pre-orders for covers that match such a design.

They, like many other images of the iPhone 8, show an all-screen front with no home button, and no fingerprint scanner on the back either, suggesting that it’s built into the screen.

Or, perhaps, the power button on the right edge – though many of the cases cover that button, so if it is there then some of these designs wouldn't be right.

The case renders also show a vertically stacked dual-lens camera and Apple logo on the back, while the left side houses volume controls.

The cases are made by Olixar, and according to MobileFun, which is selling them, they’re based on information and schematics that have been acquired by the company.

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Unofficial but not entirely unconvincing

On the one hand, it doesn’t sound like Olixar has been given information on the iPhone 8 in any sort of official capacity, so it could be designing these cases based on the same leaks and rumors the rest of the world has seen.

But on the other hand, the fact that it’s listing them for pre-order at all suggests a certain amount of confidence in the iPhone 8’s design.

Ultimately, these are just renders, which are easy to make, and it’s very possible that Olixar isn’t making many actual cases until the iPhone 8’s design has been officially revealed, so we’d definitely take this with a pinch of salt – and hold off on ordering one until the phone is finally revealed in September.