Sky to offer tiered music downloads?

Subscription service aims to be unique

Sky's recently announced unlimited music subscription service is likely to include a range of price plans to allow music lovers to tailor it to their tastes.

The as yet unnamed service, currently in partnership with Universal Music, features unlimited streaming of the entire Universal back catalogue, and a certain number of DRM-free downloads per month.

The price is always right

Although this number of tracks has yet to be decided, a spokesperson for Sky confirmed to TechRadar one option was to offer different price points to allow for more or less downloads each month, depending on taste.

"It's possible if someone pays more they might get more downloads, although the pricing structure is still in discussion," confirmed the spokesperson. "We're in talks with other music companies to come on board."

The service aims to be unique in offering a mix between the streaming of music, like Napster and others, but allowing the user to keep the downloads with no restrictions, thus making them available for more devices.


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