Samsung Galaxy S8 won't launch at MWC 2017 next month

The wait will go on (for a bit)

The Samsung Galaxy S8 won’t be launching at next month’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, it’s been confirmed.

It's thought the launch of Samsung’s new flagship may have been pushed back as the company works to address safety concerns in the wake of the Galaxy Note 7 recall, with Samsung having finally revealed the cause of the battery fires which plagued that handset.

Instead, the company's mobile President DJ Koh has signaled a later launch date for the Galaxy S8, Reuters reports, which could mean a late March or early April release date.

All of this serves to back up the rumor that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will launch at a separate April launch event in New York.

An open door

The non-appearance of the Galaxy S8 at MWC is understandable given the importance of Samsung's next phone, its first flagship handset to launch since the troubled Note 7.

Two separate recalls and several fires later, Samsung canceled its Note 7 phone – and lost more than $5 billion doing so. 

The company just concluded a four-month investigation into the exploding batteries and unveiled an eight-point testing process, and will thus want to use a separate large-scale event to make a huge deal about the performance and safety of its new device.

This opens the door for the LG G6 and other smartphones manufacturers to hog the spotlight at MWC 2017. Will consumers wait?


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