Sony wins PS3 hack site visitors' IP addresses

Twitter, YouTube also ordered to hand over data

A Californian judge has granted Sony access to a list of IP addresses pertaining to those who visited a website hosting a PS3 jailbreak hack.

In a series of ongoing legal battles regarding the PS3 hack, Sony has been granted access to user data in order to show the reach of the code posted by George Hotz to then establish what state he should be tried in.

Sony is currently suing Hotz for breach of copyright laws after he posted the original PS3 jailbreak code and a how-to video, which allow users to play pirated games on the console.

Interesting times

Anyone who has accessed Hotz's site,, may be feeling a little hot under the collar right now; but now insiders claim that Sony wants to strengthen its case against Hotz rather than get embroiled in multiple lengthy and costly legal battles.

The same subpoena also gives Sony access to information from Twitter, Blogspot, YouTube and webhosting firm Bluehost.

The technology corporation wants access to all data about Hotz and anyone who has viewed or shared his work.

From Wired via BBC


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