Dell to withdraw from LCD TV market

PC maker to stop selling third-partyh Dell branded TVs

Computer giant Dell has announced it is going to pull out of the LCD TV market. The withdrawal is part of a company-wide reshuffle which has seen the company try to focus on its core markets.

Dell is the world's second most successful PC manufacturer, and has been selling Dell-branded LCD TVs for four years. The company is undergoing a time of re-evaluation as it seeks to regain top spot from HP in computing sales.

The overhaul, implemented by company founder Michael Dell, will see the TVs disappear from the shelves by the end of the month.

It won't be too much of an issue for Dell as it doesn't build its own panels or chassis. It buys in pre-built units before affixing Dell logos. Withdrawing from the industry will be as easy as stopping ordering stock from its supplier.


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