Qualcomm: 'Our dual-core will be better than rival quad-core'

Fighting talk

Qualcomm is nothing if not bullish on the future of its Snapdragon chipset, saying that it has no fears that its mobile success will dwindle.

Speaking at a Qualcomm media event attended by TechRadar, Ben Timmons, senior director of marketing and business development at Qualcomm, said that the company isn't worried about competitors' future products.

"The key thing for us is that we're trying to produce the best optimised integrated platform, and other companies will struggle to catch us easily on that," he said, stressing the importance of working with developers and manufacturers to get the most out of a chip's capabilities.

Forget about it

"Regardless of GPU and CPU power, we're in a strong position because of our experience of optimising and integrating our hardware with software and the actual user experience," he continued.

"That's why our single core chips now are as good as a standard dual core, and our dual core will be as good as a standard quad core.

"I'm very confident that we're going to stay on top."


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