Amazon Kindle deal is just $50 before Black Friday 2017

The Amazon Kindle deals are hard to find considering the popular e-reader has a rock-bottom price to begin with, but Black Friday 2017 changes all of that.

The Amazon Kindle is $30 off on Amazon today, taking the price down 38% to $49.99 from its original MSPR list price of $79.99. The 6-inch e-reader has 'Special Offers' or Amazon deal ads on its lockscreen.

The Amazon Kindle without Special Offers is also on sale for $69.99, down from the usual $99.99 price, a savings of 30%. It's hard to see this Amazon Kindle reader getting any cheaper on Black Friday or next week's Cyber Monday sale.

More Amazon Kindle deals

The 6-inch Amazon Kindle is hardly the only Amazon device on sale today in the spirit of early Black Friday deals. You can also two Fire tablets on the cheap.

Amazon Kindle $30 off for Black Friday
The popular Amazon Kindle e-reader is now cheaper than ever for this Black Friday 2017 deal. You can have it for $30 less than it cost a few days ago.View Deal

Amazon Fire HD 10 is already $50 off
The top Amazon tablet is the all-new Amazon Fire HD 10. It's bigger than an iPad and a third of the price ahead of Black Friday. That's a good deal if you want a cheap tablet.View Deal

All-New Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet
Kids tablets. What's wrong with these Kids tablets today? Too expensive? That's not the Amazon way. Cheaper, not steeper; priced to move you – on Black Friday.View Deal

The new Amazon Fire HD 10 is already $50 off with Special Offers, and that has been enough to propel the tablet to become the No. 1 best seller in the Amazon computers and accessories section.

The Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet is $30 off too, giving you a great deal of $30% off its normal price. With a price drop of $30, it's become another hot seller for Amazon this week. It comes in bumper colors of blue, pink and yellow.

We expect more Amazon Black Friday deals throughout the week, right into next week's Amazon Cyber Monday deals, so look out for additional discounts while they last.