JVC's HD Everio pocket cam rears its head

Company unveils its pocket-friendly hi-def shooter in Japan

Small is the new big. Well, it is when it comes to camcorders.

The likes of Sanyo with its Xacti range knows this, and that is why in recent months we have seen myriad companies release diminutive HD shooters that can film at 1080p and still slip in your pocket.

While JVC hasn't exactly been quick off the mark, it has unveiled a HD pocket camcorder at this year's Ceatec, in Japan.

Lack of specs

There's been no official announcement as such and actual specs are thin on the ground, but the mere fact that JVC has created an SDHC based HD Everio is something to get pretty excited about.

A quick look at the picture of the cam (picture courtesy of Akihabara News) and it's plain to see that it will shoot using the AVCHD codec and most of the buttons you need to work the thing are situated within finger distance at the top of the chassis.

Looks-wise, it's a touch reminiscent of Panasonic's SDR-S10, which is no bad thing.


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