How to switch from Android to iPhone

Jumping to iPhone? There's an app for that

Yes, Apple recently released its first Android app, and it's all about one thing: getting you to switch to the iPhone. Called "Move to iOS," the app does what it promises, though as is often the case with any new tool, there are a few tricks and nuances you should know about.

First things first

A word of caution: don't set up your iPhone until you've downloaded the "Move to iOS" Android app and are ready to go on your old phone. The transfer process won't work if you've already fired up your new iPhone and set it up. If you have, you'll need to follow Apple's Guide to move your content over or just start from scratch.

Android to Apple

In just a few steps, Apple's app will help you transfer much of your content to a new iPhone.

On the iPhone, you'll need to select the "move data from Android" option after you've worked past the initial screen where you select a language and connect to a Wi-Fi network; you'll then be presented with a 10-digit code. Once you do that, it's time to switch back over to your Android and launch the Move to iOS app. Advance to the screen requesting the 10-digit code and then type it in.

Android to Apple

Type in the 10-digit code to start the transfer process.

After this, the Move to iOS app will then ask if you want to move your photos, Google account information, and bookmarks over to the iPhone. These will be transferred to their respective Apple apps.

Pick what you want

You have a little, though not much, flexibility in what you bring over. If you plan to use Chrome on iOS as your primary browser, for example, you could always uncheck that box. Same goes if you want to use a third-party calendar app or sync the contacts with your Google account, Exchange, or another method on your own.

Also, Apple's app will set up the stock email, calendar, and contacts app to serve up your Google content. You can turn these off if you'd rather use different apps, like the Google's Gmail app or Inbox.

If you've used Google Photos, Dropbox's Carousel, or another method for photo backup keep in mind they might not all be swept up with the import of your camera roll. That's because from time to time these apps will delete copies on your device to free up space. But if you want to start fresh with Apple's photo solution, then proceed without caution.

Transfer complete

The transfer time will vary depending upon how much content you have. Our test took around five minutes, albeit with a very small camera roll as all the pictures were stored online with Google Photos. The only weirdness was at the end of the process, when Apple offered to recycle the Android phone. Unless it's a beat-up piece of junk, you're better off selling it to a third party to get a modicum of cash back, especially if you ponied up for an iPhone 6S or 6S Plus.