Exclusive: Get a free £40 Amazon voucher with all flagship mobile phone deals at Carphone Warehouse

If you're looking to bag a Black Friday deal on a top-end smartphone this November, we've got a great promotion for you. TechRadar has teamed up with Carphone Warehouse to offer you the chance to claim a £40 gift card with any deal on one of the top four handsets. So from today onwards, if you buy an iPhone X, iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy Note 8 at CPW you'll get a free £40 Amazon voucher to sweeten the deal!

And if a £40 freebie sounds good, but you're eyeing up a purchase that Amazon doesn't sell, then you can also use the gift card at the following retailers:

  • Amazon.co.uk
  • Currys/PC World
  • Marks & Spencer
  • House of Fraser
  • Pizza Express
  • Debenhams

The deal here is that the gift cards are only available for TechRadar readers. To claim the deal, you need to follow these two steps:

Step one:

Go to this Giftcloud page and sign up for the promotion by entering your email. (Carphone will send you an email to confirm that they've received your registration.)

Step two:

Click 'Buy Now' to go through to the Carphone Warehouse website where you can choose your favourite deal on the iPhone X, iPhone 8, Galaxy Note 8 or Galaxy S8. Simple as that!

As long as you don't cancel within 60 days, you'll be sent your gift card at the end of that period. Then, you'll have 3 months to claim your reward. And if you want to browse the best of what Carphone has to offer on the eligible handsets, then check out our comparison chart below.

All of the Carphone Warehouse deals featured above are eligible for the offer, including the Plus versions of the iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8. But deals where iD is the network unfortunately aren't included in this promotion.

If you'd prefer to compare these Carphone Warehouse deals against offers from other sites, you can do that on our standard mobile phone deals page.

iPhone X deals

After years of waiting, this is the handset that's made us excited about iPhones again. The iPhone X is a top-to-bottom redesign, ditching the ever present home button and adding Face ID, Animojis and a ridiculous 5.8-inch Super Retina HD display.

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iPhone 8 deals

This year's annual incremental iPhone upgrade, the iPhone 8 improves on the iPhone 7 in just about every area. The battery lasts longer, the screen dazzles more vividly and the chipset works faster. And the price is already beginning to fall.

Here are Carphone Warehouse's best iPhone 8 deals
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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 deals

A 6.3-inch monster of a smartphone, the brilliance of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 almost erases the memory of disastrous Note 7. It has a QHD+ display and 6GB Ram - phones (or phablets) like the Note 8 don't come around too often.

Carphone Warehouse's best Galaxy Note 8 deals
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Samsung Galaxy S8 deals

The Galaxy S8 is now over six months old and is no longer Samsung's latest phone. That means prices are cheaper, while it's still one of the best Android phones ever made. There's barely any bezel at all and the 12MP camera takes great snaps.

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