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Asus AIGuru S1 Skype phone review

Initially promising, the S1 needs software to be installed

It looks the part but call quality is shocking.

Our Verdict

Less a WiFi phone and more an audio streaming device, but cheap and functional nonetheless


  • Uses Wi-Fi to connect to your Skype account


  • Poor call quality on the move

    Poor signal strength

The S1 initially seems promising. Compatible with the VoIP provider via 802.11b/g WiFi, once plugged into your PC the S1 taps into your Skype account and downloads your contacts, preferences, caller ID and other account data almost automatically.

Unfortunately, though, such promise is obliterated when you actually want to use it. Not only does it require a separate software install (Windows only) to make calls, including SkypeOut and SkypeIn, it also needs two free USB ports through which its dongle and cradle channel call data.

True WiFi it's not, and while it does eventually work, the quality of the signal on the move is close to appalling. PCFormat staff