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Asus PG221 review

A bright display with some nifty features

The bezel around the display is slender, but there's a chunky panel below the lower part that houses the speakers

Our Verdict

A good display, but there are some unnecessary extras which detract more than add to this package


  • Vibrant pictures
  • Good audio
  • Lots of connections
  • Webcam


  • Annoying button sound effects
  • Unnecessary features

The Asus PG221 is a hefty display that weighs in at a startling 10.7kg.

The base and screen support are chunky aluminium structures, but the real bulk lies in the substantial metal bass booster tube.

It houses a 15W sub-woofer that supplements the 5W stereo speakers, so this display packs considerably more audio than you'll find in many of its rivals.

Surround sound

You can add to the effect by enabling the SRS TruSurround XT feature to make the stereo speakers seem further apart, but the result isn't as impressive as hoped.

Across the bottom there's a long row of connections for inputs and you'll find DVI, VGA, Component, Composite and S-Video, as well as a choice of mini jacks for the speakers.

Add in a USB cable to connect the 1.3MP webcam and three USB 2.0 ports and you've got a fair amount of cabling on your hands and also a huge amount of choice.

A bright and bold monitor

The bezel around the display is slender, but there's a chunky panel below the lower part that houses the speakers.

Asus has seen fit to hide the control buttons behind the fascia so the display starts completely blank, but once you find the invisible power button the PG221 lights up like a Christmas tree.

The buttons are illuminated and make a terrible beeping noise when you use them, and an illuminated blue strip runs across the width of the screen that denotes the audio mode.

You can disable the sound-effects and light strip which will introduce you to the controls - but unfortunately these are sluggish and unresponsive.

Good pictures

The coated screen is shiny and delivers a surprisingly good picture, despite the low brightness rating, with colours that are rich and vibrant.

We found this to be an appealing display, but the number of features detract from its qualities and add to the price.