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Asus F6V review

Maybe the most unique design we've seen, but it's not without its flaws


Our Verdict

Good looking (and smelling) laptops with an impressive performance to match


  • Powerful performance
  • Individual designs
  • Lightweight
  • Great battery life
  • Sharp screen


  • No software included

Asus has had a great deal of press lately, thanks to the success of its Eee PC Netbook.

The Asus F6V (£749 inc. VAT) is equally unique, as it is the first scented laptop on the market. Thankfully, it also delivers style, performance and mobility.

Individual designs

The compact chassis is available in a choice of four artwork designs and colour schemes. All are great looking and bring a touch of style to the often staid laptop market. Its 2.2kg weight and 233-minute battery life provide fantastic mobility for regular travel use.

Each design also includes a unique scent. However, our review unit smelled no different to any other laptop, so we can't comment on the fragrance. Definitely try before you buy to make sure you like the way your new laptop smells.

Usability is typical of most Asus laptops we've seen. The keyboard is comfortable and firmly attached, but rattles a lot during typing. The 13.3-inch Super-TFT screen is more pleasing. It is one of the brightest among its peers and images are sharp and colourful.

Performance is average, but still provides ample power for most home and office use. The dual-core Intel processor lets you multi-task smoothly. We found it handled our benchmark tests with ease, making it a powerful choice for working on the move.

Mid-level graphics

A recent feature of Asus laptops is its ExpressGate software. You can boot into a Linux-based operating system in seven seconds and use it to access music and photos, as well as connect to the internet for web browsing, VoIP and instant messaging use.

The ATi graphics card is a mid-level solution, but we were unable to fully test it due to driver incompatibility. It's fine for basic multimedia use, however, and features full high-definition (HD) processing power, for smooth playback of HD content.

The 320GB hard drive provides a good deal of storage space. The DVD rewriter also lets you save data to all standard disc formats. Dual-layer support can be used to write up to 9.5GB of files to DVD.

No software

Unfortunately, Asus provides no software as standard, so you'll need to add the price of internet security and home office tools to your budget. A two-year warranty is included with the price, however, so your laptop is well protected.

The unique design, strong mobility and powerful performance make the Asus F6V a great choice for mobile professionals with an eye for style. And don't forget the scent.

The odd usability flaw and lack of software prevent it from winning us over, however.