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HP Photosmart R507 review

It's entry-level, but really in name alone

Our Verdict

A well-appointed camera for digital photography beginners


  • Lots of innovative features

    Good size


  • Image quality is good but not best in class

Although the 3x zoom lens says Pentax, HP's new cameras are anything but copycats.

This one's only an entry-level, four-megapixel model, but it has the posh digital flash and red-eye-removal features previously seen on its flagship cameras.

There's plenty of other good stuff here - a 1.5-inch screen that's sharp (albeit iffy in bright light), photos that look acceptable, and an okay movie-clip mode. You even get aperture priority and burst shooting modes, which is a nice surprise on a budget device.

All this makes for a good beginner's cam, but experienced photographers might prefer the five-megapixel HP R707, which only costs £25 extra.