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Same manufacturer nabs iPhone and Natal production deal

How am I meant to control my Xbox with this?
How am I meant to control my Xbox with this?

The same manufacturer will be producing both the next iPhone and the Natal controller for the Xbox, with news that Pegatron Technology has landed the OEM contract to handle both jobs.

The company, based in Taiwan, will join Foxconn Electronics, which has already been named as a manufacturer of the new iPhone.

Pegatron already makes handsets for other telecom carriers, according to reports, and it will start producing the new iPhone sometime this summer.

It looks like 2010 will be a busy time for the company, as Pegatron has also been named as the manufacturer of the Natal Xbox motion-controller, which is also due later this later.

Out of Asus

Pegatron came into existence in 2008 when electronics manufacturer Asus was restructured. It makes motherboards for computers and LCD televisions, as well as handsets.

Until now the company's meat and potatoes has been televisions, and it claims it will ship more than one millions LCD TVs in 2010.

If it can drag its employees away from the apps or videogames, of course.

Via DigiTimes