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New Google Store hosts only phones, tablets and other gadgets

Google Store

Google today divided its online selling space into two separate storefronts: the old Google Play store, and the new, just "Google Store."

The Google Store, at, is billed on its front page as "the new home for the latest products made with Google."

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According to a new page on Google's support site, the Google Store as of now is home to Android phones and tablets, Android Wear wearables, Chromebooks, Nest devices, streaming gadgets like Chromecast, and other accessories.

As the page notes, this stuff is no longer available on Google Play, which now sells only apps, music, movies, TV, books, and newsstand content.

In other words, the Google Store is for physical products, and the Play Store is for digital ones.

This is probably for the best; it was way too difficult to find Google phones and other gadgets in the crowded Play store, and now that they have their own home you'll know exactly where to find them.