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Google Glass 2 could be an enterprise-only offering

While we reported just a couple of weeks ago that Google Glass 2 with its bigger prism design looks to be a real thing, a new report indicates this latest Glass won't be targeted to consumers at all.

This might be due to the entire design of the "Enterprise Edition," which, according to sources speaking to 9to5Mac again, will be more durable and better suited to factories and even hospitals.

Though it will look similar to what we saw in the Explorer Edition, the report says that the new Glass will be foldable like a normal pair of glasses thanks to a new "robust hinge" on the right side of the frames where the electronics are.

There will also be fewer buttons and ports to make it potentially water resistant, as well as better battery life and heat management thanks to a new Intel Atom processor.

Most interestingly, though, the sources claim that Google will only be offering the Enterprise Edition exclusively to its Glass for Work partners, and it will not be available for sale to consumers.

But while it looks like Google may have given up on a consumer-level Glass, the tech-giant may still surprise us all.