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Forget Google Glass 2: this one goes on your hat

It looks like Google has been working on more Glass type tech, with a new patent popping up for an "Adjustable Display Mounting."

Posted on the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) site, the patent describes technology similar to what Google Glass is right now, but with different adjustable mounts instead of the standard glasses type mount that we have seen from the search-giant so far.

The patent describes a range of mounts, including ones for clothing, but one of the examples really stands out - a mount for hats.

The adjustable glass

According to the patent, the mount can be attached to the brim of a hat, and the 'display' element can then be attached to the mount via magnets, allowing the display unit to be moved around or adjusted.

Considering Google Glass 2 looks to be aimed at enterprise only, we can see this patent being used on, say, hard hats or as part of other head gear worn for work purposes as well.

There is, in fact, already rumors of an attachable Google Glass mount being tested, though it is claimed to still be mounted on glasses.

Of course, this is just a patent and there's nothing to guarantee that Google will end up producing these adjustable display mounts.

Via Venture Beat