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Truphone introduces Skype for Apple's iPhone

Skype now available on Apple's iPhone and iPod touch devices
Skype now available on Apple's iPhone and iPod touch devices

It is a bumper day for Skype users on Apple devices! Not only has Skype 2.8 beta for Mac been launched, but now Truphone debuts the ability to make and receive Skype calls on its iPhone and iPod touch applications.

"The service is scheduled to be available to all customers during the week of 12 January 2009," Truphone informs us.

Truphone's aim is to become the open 'all in one conversations hub' for iPhone and iPod touch users.

"The introduction of Skype calling and instant messaging represents yet another breakthrough for Truphone," said Geraldine Wilson, Truphone CEO.

Skype anywhere on iPhone

"What this means for Truphone's customers, is that they can now call or message all their Skype friends using their iPhone or iPod touch. This allows iPhone and iPod touch users to have a choice in how they stay in touch with friends and colleagues around the world all within the one application."

iPhone users can make and receive Skype calls and messages when not in a Wi-Fi accessible location, for the cost of a local call using Truphone Anywhere.

Truphone are on stand #3228 at MacWorld for the remainder of the week.