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Hayu, yes you – a reality TV streaming service is on the way

Hayu, yes you – we're getting another streaming service

The global phenomenon that is Netflix has made the act of streaming media more mainstream than ever before, making now the perfect time for NBCUniversal to announce Hayu, a brand new streaming service dedicated to reality TV.

Launching in Australia, the United Kingdom and Ireland sometime in March (an exact date has yet to be locked down), Hayu will provide over 3,000 episodes of reality television staples like Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Made in Chelsea, The Real Housewives, Top Chef, The Millionaire Matchmaker and more – enough to make fans giddy with excitement and provide absolute agony to their significant others.

Episodes for the majority of US shows will arrive on the service on the same day as their US broadcast, so fans will be able to keep completely up-to-date with the lives of their favourite reality tv celebs.

Escape your own reality

Pricing has been set at a reasonable AU$5.99 (£3.99/€4.99) a month, and you’ll be able to take a free one-month trial before its rolling subscription fee commences.

Hayu will also integrate news feeds and social media functionality, allowing fans to share their thoughts and experiences right after watching something – a first for a subscription video on demand service.

The service will be available to view on smart devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and smart TVs, though compatible models have yet to be announced.