Tesla has now made a power bank for your phone - but don't expect innovation


Innovative car brand Tesla may be stealing headlines with the Model 3 and Roadster models, but you can now charge up your phone with the car company's tech from within your pocket too.

It's called Powerbank and comes with 3350mAh capacity, which isn't very big compared to a lot of other portable chargers on the market. It comes with microUSB and Lightning cables connected directly into the charger as well as an integrated USB. 

Given that Tesla as a company is known for its innovations in the world of electric energy, we would expect its power bank offering to be experimental too, but at the moment it looks more like a memento for Tesla fans rather than a must-have power bank.

Paying for the brand

We've yet to see it in the flesh, but the design seems compact, slim and should slide into your bag without weighing you down, but it's expensive for a portable charger.

It's $45 in the US - that's about £35/AU$60. Compared to a lot of other portable chargers on the market that's expensive, especially for such a relatively small capacity battery pack.

If you don't care about the Tesla branding, we'd recommend checking out the best power banks list we've put together that shows you some of the greatest portable chargers you can buy right now.