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New Chromecast section appears on Google Play Store

Google Play Store gets Chromecast apps, hints at global launch
Thar she blows

If Google posting job ads for global Chromecast positions wasn't enough evidence that the TV-on-a-stick is about to go international, this one might be.

A new Chromecast section has popped up in the Google Play Store where you can go pick up some compatible apps for the dongle.

There's not a lot on the Chromecast page to get excited about - just a few of the standard compatible services like YouTube - but you can expect that to get a lot bigger as Google is set to release the SDK to developers soon.

Chrome alone

Its existence - alongside the other clues - also gives us more reason to believe that Google is preparing a global rollout for the device.

Chromecast launched in the US in July 2013 but has taken its time to break out of the States, despite the fact that the accompanying app was recently made available around the world.

You can go check out the Chromecast section right now - it appears on the far right when you're in Apps on the Play Store.