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Amazon reportedly firing up its Firetube media streaming device for Christmas

Firetube release date
Amazon wants a Me-dia streaming device of its own

Amazon may be hawking more than just the Kindle Fire HDX in the lead up to Christmas, as it is reportedly launching its own media streaming device in a matter of weeks.

The company's set-top box, labeled Firetube by trademark documents last week, is expected to have a release date that's in time for the holiday selling season, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Amazon's small media streaming device sounds far from unique. It's said to look similar to a Roku and support apps from a variety of apps.

Of course, the main focus of the set-top box would likely be an Amazon's free video streaming benefits included in Prime membership bolstered by an affordable price.

This is akin to how Apple puts emphasis on its iTunes content at the top of the Apple TV while still supporting a number of third-party apps.

Remote chance for Firetube

Google recently released Chromecast for an affordable price too, and it was backordered on the Google Play store and Amazon for nearly two months.

Amazon could replicate that success and do one better by including a Firetube remote.

The company may offer a separate remote control for the set-top box, according to the Journal. Controlling the device through smartphone and tablet apps is also thought to be likely.

At any time, Amazon's set-top box could be shelved or delayed due to financial or performance factors, according to the paper's anonymous sources.

We'll know soon enough, as Black Friday - the big holiday sales kickoff in the U.S. - is just seven weeks away.

Matt Swider

US Editor-in-Chief

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