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Some might say you'll definitely (maybe) look back in anger on Prime Day with this Kindle Oasis deal

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The suddenly previous-gen Kindle Oasis e-reader has just received quite a big discount in both the US and UK and the Prime Day deals (opens in new tab) are still some time off, folks.

This new discount may well be because Amazon has just announced the all-new Kindle Oasis (2019), which is almost identical to be honest, but it now comes with a warm-light option that's a bit easier on the eyes and better replicates the color of real pages on some books. The battery capacity has been slightly increased too, as has the page refresh rate. It makes an already class-leading e-reader even more appealing. Shame the prices start at $249.99 (opens in new tab) and £229.99 (opens in new tab).

However, the previous version of the Kindle Oasis was priced the same until today and now you can save $50 on the US price and £30 on the UK RRP. The thing is though, when we're arguably less than a month away from Amazon Prime Day, we'd advise caution as we might see an even better price as Amazon will be keen to clear stock out to give top-billing to the new version.

Will the Prime Day deals be better?

Kindle Oasis (2017) | $249.99 $199.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Amazon's luxury waterproof e-reader is a fantastic buy for e-book fans and a $50 discount is big (the Oasis rarely gets any sort of deal at all in the States). Prime Day is massive for Amazon devices though, so we'd hate for you to bite now and see it go for less on the day.

Kindle Oasis (2017) | £229.99 £199.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
An Oasis for under £200 is ever so tempting, but unless you're heading away on your holidays before Prime Day, it might be worth waiting, especially as Amazon reduced it to an even cheaper £179.99 last year on the big day.

These prices are for the entry-level Oasis with 8GB of storage and special offers on the lock screen (we don't think it's worth the hassle paying extra to get them removed). 8GB is more than enough if you're not planning on cramming in loads of audiobooks as it'll happily store thousands of books. If audiobooks are your thing, then there's the larger 32GB version to consider. There's an even more expensive option that comes with a free 3G signal if you're wanting to download titles and access online features when away from a Wi-Fi connection. It's an expensive upfront price for the feature though.

Fancy seeing how the cheaper Kindles stack up? They're pretty exceptional devices all the way down to the cheapest version nowadays to be honest. Here are the best Kindle sale prices and deals.

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