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Google Photos now stores your iPhone's Live Photos forever

Google Photos for iOS

So, you're already using Google Photos to back up your iPhone snaps, right? (If not, you totally should be -- it's free, it's unlimited, and it's infinitely better than Apple's limited iCloud alternative.) For those longing to create a permanent record of their best Live Photos, Google has updated its iOS app to support that format.

Live Photos, which are only available on the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, grab 1.5 seconds of video and audio around each still shot that you take. Call 'em GIFs, or accidental masterpieces, or photographic remnants that do a number on your available storage if you aren't careful.

Whatever you call them, having the ability to permanently push Live Photos to Google's cloud is a godsend for those perpetually low on space. Now, much like videos, you can rest easy knowing that you'll still be able to access your Live Photos even if you wipe them from your phone. After all, isn't that what the cloud is all about?

Via TechCrunch