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50 Google Now voice commands shown off in one impressive video

Google Now
Google Now keeps getting better

The new Google Now has more voice commands than ever before, but it can be difficult for users to keep track of them all.

In walks the latest video from PhoneBuff, which shows off 50 of the voice commands available to Android users with the latest version of Google Now.

The video shows off Google Now's capabilities on devices running Android 4.4: KitKat - the phone on display is a Nexus 5 running 4.4.

But most of these commands should work on devices with the latest version of Google Now.

OK Google, now read my mind

The user from PhoneBuff starts off asking conversational questions like "What's my schedule look like?" and "Where's my package?"

He also readies a text to be sent, sets a location-based reminder and prepares an email, all with voice commands.

Other questions touch on sports, vocabulary, stocks, movie times, language and number conversions and general trivia.

The phone's UI even does a barrel roll when he commands it, and it appears Google Now may also replace Shazam.

Google Now seems to be responsive and extremely helpful - much more so than Siri, in fact.

Via Phone Arena