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Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Plus may squeeze in a whopping five cameras

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus won't be out until sometime next year, but it's never too early for a good rumor, right? The latest juicy leak, as reported by Korean website The Bell, states that the upcoming flagship could sport as many as five cameras on its body. 

Following on from previous reports that Samsung’s Galaxy S10 could come in three models, with the high-end Galaxy S9 Plus successor rumored to include a triple-lens rear camera, it's now believed that the front of the device will feature a dual-camera setup.

It wouldn't be the first Samsung handset to boast a dual-lens selfie camera — the recent Galaxy A8 also featured two cameras on its front, allowing users to apply blurry background bokeh effects to their self portraits.

While that particular implementation was used purely for photographic purposes, perhaps the S10 Plus' extra camera could be used for something else? Samsung has been looking for ways to improve facial recognition in its phones, in an effort to bring them up to the standard of Apple's advanced Face ID technology — could this extra camera be a step towards achieving that?

We likely won't know for sure until sometime early next year, however the Galaxy S10 has already been tipped for some major upgrades, so expect to hear more about what could be in store for the device over the coming months. 

Stephen Lambrechts

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