Samsung Galaxy S10 could have a triple-lens rear camera

The dual-lens Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is one of the best camera phones around, but it’s beaten in some ways – including total number of lenses – by the Huawei P20 Pro

However, it looks like the company might be aiming to catch up when it launches the Samsung Galaxy S10.

According to Kim Dong-won, an analyst from KB Securities, in a report picked up by The Investor, Samsung will consider sticking three lenses on the back of the Galaxy S10, as well as adding a 3D sensor, which could be used for augmented reality content.

The move makes sense given Samsung's S9 range has been less of a change this year, and it will likely want to deliver a significantly changed and upgraded phone next year to increase demand.

Keeping up with Apple

Given that Apple is also rumored to be working on a triple-lens phone for next year, again it makes sense that Samsung would add it in to keep the latest tech on its phones - as long as it has real use.

It's also a touch obvious as a claim, so while analyst statements should always be scrutinized, this does make sense.

What we don’t know is what the specs and features of this rumored triple-lens camera will be, if the Galaxy S10 really does even have one. But two obvious uses would be for lossless zoom and generally more detailed photos.

We might find out more before too long, as the Samsung Galaxy S10 could land sooner than you probably expect, with one source claiming it will arrive in January - but then again we hear the same thing every year, and it's just Samsung execs promoting it behind closed doors at CES.

Via Phone Arena

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