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Photogenic Moto 360 watch to be just as customizable as the Moto G

Moto 360 smartwatch
Leather bands and metal band options shown off

There's more to the Moto 360 than the official website is letting on, as new photos of the Android Wear watch have been discovered in a not-fully-public images folder.

Seven different Moto 360 leather band colors are on display in one screenshot of what looks to be a Moto Maker module.

This menu should be a familiar sight to Moto X and Moto G smartphone owners who customized the backside of their Motorola-made Android device.

Gray, black, dark blue, brown, tan, teal and various black options appear to be among the custom leather band colors for the smartwatch.

Leather isn't the only choice, as evidenced by the metal band options that appear to be in black and gray shades. There are almost two dozen metal links in this particular band type.

Moto 360 custom band colors

Similar to Moto Maker customizer

Looking into its watch face

All of these bands styles hold a fashionable circular watch face in place. The screenshots show off a digital display that includes an analog dial, the date and a battery percentage indicator.

Living up to its name, the Moto 360 rotation photos reveal that its smartwatch sides include a physical knob button on the right and a microphone hole on the left.

Saying "Okay Google" into one's wrist for directions, sending messages or searching the web will take advantage of this miniaturized microphone.

That's if Google Now doesn't already provide you with the timely information before you even think about it.

Meanwhile, the previously unseen Moto 360 underside has a purple color to it. That would be a strange color for such a sophisticated-looking watch. Our guess is that it's meant for wireless charging.

The Moto 360 remains the most publicized Android Wear smartwatch, though LG finally brought its boxy LG G Watch out of the shadows with a new photo today.

Via Android Community

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