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Google Glass update beams all Android phone notifications to your eye

Get ready to be inundated just as many helpful notifications as unhelpful snarky comments when in public, Google Glass Explorers.

Today's Google Glass XE 22 update and MyGlass 3.3 app bring all smartphone notifications from Android to Google's face-worn wearable.

This means that a WhatApp photo notification received by a tethered Nexus 5 can be seen via Google Glass too, even though WhatsApp isn't a native Google Glass app.

The same applies to everything from Facebook photo tag alerts to Lyft car arrival notices. There's less reason to look down at your phone thanks to notification sync.

Android Wear smartwatches like the Moto 360 have similar notification relay functionality, and this really opens up the compatibility with Google Glass and smartphone apps.

Google Glass maps updated too

Google Glass XE22 release dates indicate that the augmented reality Google Maps app has been updated to include route choices.

You can now take into account traffic or incident markers that display overtop of the route and decide on the best way to your destination.

It's riding shotgun with the notification sync feature and rolled into today's Google Glass update.