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Vodafone to launch next Samsung Galaxy phone

Vodafone confirms it will stock the next Samsung Galaxy device
Looks like Vodafone will be offering the Galaxy S3

Vodafone has confirmed that it will be stocking the next Samsung Galaxy, with a source telling TechRadar that it's 'highly anticipated' to be named the Samsung Galaxy S3.

A new page has appeared on Vodafone's website which allows customers to register for updates on the next Galaxy device from Samsung.

A TechRadar source close to the manufacturer has said that it's "highly anticipate the current page on the Vodafone website will change over to a Samsung Galaxy S3 holding page in the near future".

Anticipation hotting up

Unfortunately there are no other details on the page at this time, so we're still left wondering if the Galaxy S3 will pack that quad-core processor, HD screen, 12MP camera and other specs people are suggesting.

Sadly we've had no joy with the other networks with T-Mobile telling us "we have no comment to make" and Three replied with "we've got no information on that at the moment", and we are waiting to hear back from O2 and Orange.

Could this mean that Vodafone has got exclusive rights on the new Galaxy S3, a la O2 with the iPhone? We wait and see…