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T-Mobile next to announce iPhone 4 UK availability

T-Mobile next up to offer iPhone 4
T-Mobile next up to offer iPhone 4

T-Mobile has decided to get involved with Apple's new phone and will be offering the iPhone 4.

Clearly not wanting to be outdone by O2, Vodafone and new bigger brother


, the pink network has also struck a deal with Jobs

However, it seems T-Mobile might not be getting the phone from the 24 June, putting it right behind its network peers in the iPhone 4 UK pecking order.


Another enigmatic statement has been issued from T-Mobile to help outline what all this means:

"T-Mobile UK will launch iPhone 4, the thinnest smartphone in the world with the highest resolution display ever built into a phone.

"Further information on launch timings, pricing and tariff plans will be revealed in due course."

So still no word on UK pricing, and if you're desperate to pick it up on T-Mobile, sadly no news on a UK release date.