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Samsung unpacks Galaxy S2 teaser videos ahead of MWC

Feast your eyes on this fuzzy rendering of the next Galaxy S
Feast your eyes on this fuzzy rendering of the next Galaxy S

Update: Now you can read our full Hands on: Samsung Galaxy S2 review.

Oh Samsung, you scamp. We knew a Samsung Galaxy S2 teaser was coming on 1 Feb (that's today, folks), but these teasers tell us next to nothing.

Aside from the fuzzy outline shape of the Galaxy S2, all we can glean from the videos is that the handset will be able to do some things that other handsets can do, including play music and take photos.

Fuzzy though it is, the outline doesn't look too bad and promises a slim little Galaxy S2 number when it's revealed at Mobile World Congress 2011.

That is the point of a teaser, we suppose

Fair play though, the videos are teasers not leaks – of which we already have plenty.

Said leaks have informed the internet at large of the handset's code name Seine, of its dual-core Samsung Orion processor, 1GB of RAM, Android 2.3, NFC and 8-megapixel camera.

Samsung's video claims there are over ten million secrets in the world. Shame it isn't a little better at keeping them itself, really.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is set for a full reveal on 13 February at MWC, at which point we'll bring you all the action and our first hands on Samsung Galaxy S2 review.

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