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Pegatron gets Apple call, it wants 15 million iPhone 5s

Apple iPhone rumour mill keeps a-churning
Apple iPhone rumour mill keeps a-churning

Apple manufacturer Pegatron has reportedly been given a massive order by Jobs and co to produce 15 million iPhone 5 handsets ready for the phone's autumn launch.

Although Pegatron has produced Apple products before, the big batches usually go to Foxconn.

Apparently Foxconn has also been asked to produce iPhones for the impending launch, but it seems that Pegatron has landed the big handset shipment.

This is all according to Digitimes, with the site believing that Apple is thinking big with the iPhone 5, upping the order from 10 million units to 15 million.

No sign of Megatron

Due to the rumour that Pegatron has indeed been given the go ahead by Apple, its stock rose 3.1 per cent.

Apple is a company which is renowned for keeping its releases hush-hush, but this latest bit of news does go with the general consensus that we will see an iPhone 5 release date announced for September – a month normally saved for the launch of new iPods.

Digitimes has been busy with the Apple rumours recently. Last Friday, it reported that component manufacturers for the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 had been told to start prepping for a big autumn push.

Via Digitimes