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Motorola Connect and Migrate apps out now, Moto X arriving soon

Moto X
A hint of what's to come

With just hours to go until the big Moto X reveal, Motorola has been a busy bee.

First up, is Motorola Connect found in the Chrome store. Once enabled on your phone, you'll be able to see notifications like text messages and calls on your computer's Chrome browser, and even respond to texts with your keyboard.

Connect is of course supported on the Moto X, but the new Droid Ultra, Droid Maxx and Droid Mini can use this app as well.

Moving with Migrate

Next up, the Google Play Store holds Motorola Migrate, also a tool built to make your life easier.

As the name suggests, Migrate helps you move over stuff, like pictures, SIM contacts, videos and even call and text history, from your old Android phone to your new one in a quick and easy manner (or so the app claims).

Hang tight and keep checking back with TechRadar as we'll find out more info from the Moto X launch very, very soon.