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Vodafone slashes flat rate data prices

Vodafone has cut the price of its Mobile Broadband data offerings

PC and laptop users with data cards can get a better deal on 3G mobile broadband usage with a new set of deals from Vodafone .

Vodafone has cut the price of its monthly flat rate data package to £25 a month for wireless PC and laptop users using data cards or handsets as wireless modems. Its new Mobile Broadband deal allows users up to 3GB of data usage a month under its fair use policy. Customers signing up for this deal can also enjoy flat rate data when travelling abroad, at £8.50 for 24 hours' data usage.

Vodafone is also offering a domestic 24-hour mobile broadband deal. Users who sign up to the Mobile Broadband 24 option can opt to pay £8.50 for day's data usage. This is charged to their account only after they connect to the service.

Vodafone data users are also being offered an improved overseas data package. The Mobile Broadband Travel option costs £95 per month, and gives users up to 200MB of data usage while roaming. That's double the allowance of Vodafone's previous data roaming deal.