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Own an iPhone or Galaxy phone? Airport security is set to get even more stressful

iPhone Galaxy
Apple and Samsung phones are top of the suspect list

So you thought the airport security gate couldn't be any more of a pain? BZZZT. Wrong. Security is getting even tighter if you're a) carrying an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone on you, and b) heading onto a US-bound flight from Europe, the Middle East or Africa.

In a response to increased threats, US officials have told airlines to tighten screening of mobile phones and shoes, singling out iPhones and Galaxy handsets for extra security checks.

Other electronic devices are also likely to get more intense scrutinisation, so don't think that your special edition Pikachu 3DS XL will save you any time at the security gate.

The usual suspects

So why the step-up, exactly? Sky News reports that US officials fear members of the Yemen-based al Qaeda have created smartphone bombs that can evade detection from regular airport scanners.

While iPhones and Samsung handsets have been highlighted, it wouldn't surprise us if most other smartphones become subjected to added scrutiny.

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