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Google's Photovine sharing app goes live

Google's Photovine app is, suprisingly, iPhone only

Google has released its new Photovine photo-sharing app into the wild for iOS users.

The new application which, strangely enough, is only available for Apple devices, has been available in private beta but is now live on the App Store for all users.

Photovine allows users to add photographs taken on the device's camera to "Vines" which are thematic collaborations from all users of the application.

Vines are effectively categories, so you can add your own pictures to threads like "At My Bedside" or "Things I see when travelling" or "Sunrises."

Plant a photo

You can also start your own Vines, hence the tag-line "plant a photo and watch it grow."

The app isn't just limited to interacting with random users of the service, you can sync Photovine with your Facebook and Twitter contacts to enable you to follow friends' activities more closely.

The Photovine service resembles the likes of Piictu and Instagram with a touch more social thrown in, as well as the chance to interact with new people through the beautiful medium of photography.

Link: Huffington Post