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Android apps running on BlackBerry phones?

Could Android apps be en route to BlackBerry handsets?
Could Android apps be en route to BlackBerry handsets?

An app developer has noticed that someone has been running its Android app ShopSavvy on several BlackBerry handsets.

That someone could well be RIM, as rumours that the company is looking to the Android App Store to bolster its PlayBook app offerings surfaced earlier this year.

Analytics data showed that the Android shopping app was accessed on a BlackBerry 8300, 8600 and 8520 during January and February of this year.


It could, feasibly, have been anyone trying to get Android apps working on BlackBerry hardware and not necessarily RIM itself.

ShopSavvy delved a little further into the analytics data which apparently shows that these server requests came from Waterloo, Ontario in Canada.

Coincidentally, that's where RIM is based.

The three handsets are pretty aged BlackBerrys, which suggests that if it is RIM, the company could be hoping to get an Android Market tie-in up and running on all BlackBerry phones and not just the QNX-running BlackBerry PlayBook as was previously imagined.