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White iPhone 5 rumours surface, the world sighs

White iPhone 4 is old news: it's all about the white iPhone 5 now
White iPhone 4 is old news: it's all about the white iPhone 5 now

The saga of the white iPhone 4 may not yet be at an end, but the latest rumours are suggesting that Apple will be releasing a white iPhone 5 when the handset is announced.

The Economic Daily News is reporting that white iPhone 5 glass is being shipped, with a supplier called Wintek reportedly being the sole touch panel vendor for the white version.

Meanwhile, we still await the launch of the mythical white iPhone 4 with interest, set to launch in spring this year according to small print on Apple store signage spotted last year.


We'll believe it when we see it though, with the launch of the white handset having been pushed back and delayed to the point of the ridiculous.

Spare a thought for those who've been holding out for the colour variant since the iPhone 4 launched in June last year. Those poor iPhone 4-less people.

Still, this latest rumour could be a sign that the iPhone 5 will ship in both black and white much sooner after launch; although whether its launch is on track for this summer is also a matter up for debate.

Via Economic Daily News