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Dell Venue Pro finally gets UK release

Dell Venue Pro: worth the wait?
Dell Venue Pro: worth the wait?

It's been a long time coming, but the Dell Venue Pro, Dell's Windows Phone 7 handset complete with a physical QWERTY keyboard, has finally got its UK release.

The long-awaited handset is out now, with a UK price of £459 (£382.50 plus VAT), which will net you a SIM-free unlocked handset.

The handset has been hit by shipping delays, having been promised to the UK before Christmas and then being pushed back to mid-February.

As time goes by

Here we are at the end of the February and only now is the Dell Venue Pro available to buy.

You'll get Windows Phone 7 for your money, on a 4.1-inch OLED touchscreen with a slide-out physical QWERTY below.

If the Venue Pro had hit the shelves back in October when Windows Phone launched, it could have been the only QWERTY-toting phone on the market; now it has the also-delayed HTC 7 Pro to contend with which, with a UK price of £432, comes in at around £30 less.