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Android Market stocks up with paid-for apps

T-Mobile Android G1
Android app developers can now earn cash for their creations

Google's Android OS has been pretty well received thus far, and the presence of the Market, where users can download applications, has fared pretty well except it has missed one thing: paid-for apps.

While it might sound like a bad thing that users will have to start paying for applications, the incentive for developers (ie cash) means that the whole experience should now get a little better.

Feeling the cash force

The Android market "will support priced applications starting early Q1 2009", according to Google's Eric Chu. The UK and the US will be the first to feel the cash force, so we Brits can start feeling a little special.

Google is also bringing 'localisation' to the Market, meaning that some of the applications on offer will be tailored to your region. Whether that means 'Great chippies in Upper Warminster' is yet to be decided... we think not, though.

The Apple App Store has shown that a lot of people can make cash off mobile punters (remember the 'I Am Rich' episode?), and with the likes of EA and Gameloft getting paid-for titles ready, Android should be set for another boost early in 2009.