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Android G1 smuggled into China

You want this China? Well, you got it
You want this China? Well, you got it

Like the iPhone before it, the G1 has also found the Chinese can't get enough of it, even though it has to be smuggled in.

You might remember China was one of the top five iPhone users last year, despite not actually having an official carrier, and now the G1 is getting the same treatment as relatively large numbers of the device have crossed the border.

Cheap as chips

What's more, the Chinese aren't getting ripped off either, with the device costing around £300 without SIM of course.

However, according to Mobile Cowboys, the handset also needs to be unlocked for a cost of around £40, so adds a bit to the cost. Or makes China's commitment to Google even more impressive, of course!

The G1 is on course to sell around 600,000 units this year according to HTC, and if China really takes to in a big way, in a similar way to the iPhone, it could really help the company reach that sales figure.