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Google urges Android devs to think about tablets

Google urges Android devs to think about tablets
Smart developers think tablet

Google is urging Android developers to reprogram their apps for tablets instead of just providing a blown up mobile version.

The Google Play store reached a key milestone earlier this week, hitting 700,000 applications which meant it had finally caught up with Apple's App Store, but the Cupertino-based firm can still boast over 250,000 iPad-specific apps.

Speaking to The Guardian, Robert Hamilton, product manager in Google's mobile team, said: "We'd like developers to think more and more about great tablet experiences. There's a lot of really good Android tablets out there now."

Nexus 7 highlighted situation

Hamilton explained that the search giant's first tablet, the Google Nexus 7, was the first product to really grab developers' attention about producing apps specifically designed for tablets.

With the launch of the larger Google Nexus 10 this week, Hamilton believes even more developers will begin to realise the importance of making their apps tablet-enabled.

"We actually think that the Nexus 7 was the tipping point and [the Nexus 10] is pushing it further.

"We are seeing the smart Android developers move quickly towards great tablet experiences, which sometimes means rethinking their apps."

From The Guardian