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Asus promises Windows 8 tablets before end of 2012

Asus promises Windows 8 tablets before end of 2012
Windows 8 tablets from Asus - coming 2012

In a slide intended for investors' eyes only, Asus has outlined its tablet plans for 2012, promising Windows 8 tablets before the year is out.

In fact, the slide suggests we'll see two "hero products" on the market in the third quarter of the year (July-September), with at least one running Windows 8 during that time frame.

The Windows 8 tablet (or tablets) looks likely to run on ARM architecture, although it's not completely clear that that's the case.

Tablet time

The very informative slide also outlines Asus' plans to release two new Android tablets in the first three months of 2012 – information that has sent our CES sense a-tingling. We expect to see one or both of these in Vegas in January.

As if the cheeky slide hadn't given enough of Asus' secrets away, it also outlined the Asus Transformer Prime release date as 9 November. Tsk tsk.

It's not out yet, but TechRadar has already had a bit of a shufty at Windows 8 – take a look at the shape of Microsoft's OS to come in the video below and check out our hands on Windows 8 review here:

Via ZDNet