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HP goes green, cuts 20% of energy use

HP is to cut energy use both in its products and at its offices and plants

Computer maker HP hopes to slash its energy usage by a fifth by 2010, it said today. The computer firm is pledging a 20 per cent reduction in energy use, both in the products it makes and internally at the company.

HP is to develop more energy-efficient servers and printers, aiming to cut server power consumption by 50 per cent and printer power consumption by 30 per cent - reducing them to 2005 levels - by 2010. Internal energy use at plants and offices will be cut by 15 percent, to levels similar to 2006, the company said in a statement .

HP's competitors - including Dell, IBM and Sun - have announced similar green programs. Sun is looking to cut internal energy use by 20 per cent, while IBM has set a 7 per cent reduction target for greenhouse gases. Dell recently launched a program encouraging customers to plant a tree when buying a new PC.