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Asus UX50 gets an early review

Ooh shiny!
Ooh shiny!

Asus' UX50 is in pre-production, but an early review suggests that the mirror finished 15.6 inch high-end laptop could be one to watch.

What Laptop has managed to get a hold of the Asus UX50 and put it through its paces – when the staff managed to stop looking at themselves in the palm rest.

"It looks great straight out of the box, but once you start using it it's quickly covered in prints. Asus supplies a cleaning cloth, and if you want to keep your UX looking good then you'll probably end up taking it with you wherever you go," they comment.

Style and performance

Although doubts are cast about the processor build quality impresses, however, and it sounds like the laptop – which starts at £1 shy of a grand and works its way up with higher options – has both élan and the performance to back it up.

"With prices starting at £999, the UX50V offers a lot of style and quality for the money. It's also a comfortable choice, with a decent amount of 3D power on offer.

"Whether it's stunted by the single-core processor remains to be seen, but it's still an impressive start for Asus' UX series."

Via What Laptop